A bit about us (and this site):
 ESP Gallery – 228 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204

ESProjects is an idea that has been created to amplify (albeit slightly) the comings and goings of visual arts in Sydney and the Inner West. The project could be broken down into two main areas:

The Home Page: This gives a rough breakdown of what is happening in independent art in Sydney. We're slightly biased to the Inner West, as that is our stomping ground, and we're slightly biased towards ARI's and small art happenings. It's a pretty low tech website, and you're welcome to drop a comment, review or general shout out, in any of the events listed on the home page. The page was started in September 2009, and we expect it will evolve over time. 

The Gallery Page: ESP is an art gallery, set up in line with the above values - ESP Gallery is a not for profit ARI, run by artists for artists, and has one of the lowest fees and commissions around. Your support (in supporting artists) can be shown by coming along to see the great works that are happening in Sydney. 

We don't have a fancy button on the site that magically adds you to our mailing list yet. So if you would like to receive emails/invitations to our exhibitions, simply send us an email, and you'll be added to the list. If you change your mind email.

We are a not for profit, artist run initiative (ARI) and we aim to provide an inspiring, professional and affordable exhibition space in which artists can show their work and everyone can enjoy.

All work is done on a volunteer basis - for the love of art. 

Current directors (2012) :

Lou Steer – President & Public Officer - applications, exhibition schedule, sales, curating
Brian Martin– Secretary - volunteer roster, email list, website, curating, head of gardening & bins 
Cassandra Daw – Publicity, Media Officer - head curator, actually has qualifications

Key team members that keep ESP going :

Swe Nyo - our keenest volunteer, studying arts
Lia Wittig - hospitality coordinator, studying event management
Johanna Olminkhoff - chief graphic designer, studying arts administration

Past directors :

Robert Bayliss (2011)
Chris McKendry – Vice President & Treasurer (2009 - 2011)
Mark Wotherspoon – Past President (2009-2010)
Madeleine Preston (2010 - 2011)
Eva Mayha Davis (2010) 

Founding directors :

Mark Wotherspoon
Jen Wotherspoon
Chris McKendry
Lou Steer
Olga Kol
Dan Dona