Quotes & Recommendations ...

Kalotina :

I am quite disappointed that your gallery has not received the funding needed to remain operating. What a loss to the community. (Feb 2015)

Catia Castrucci :

:_( I love your space! Such beautiful sunlight! Ah well, where ever you go, we'll follow. (Jan 2015)

Judy Waite :

so sorry to hear (Jan 2015)

Tambot Aggatha Frollic :

what a shame. local government bureaucrats (Jan 2015)

Julie-Ann Velios :

Is there any way the council can change its mind? Petition, news article etc... A lot of people will miss the gallery and not just artists. Thanks for your hard work, maybe we can get together to support you now? (Jan 2015)

Bernadette Smith :

onya team ESP! (Jan 2015)

Lyn Georgeson :

Bovver them, the council (Jan 2015)

Geoffrey Goodes :

very sad... Marrickville will be diminished by your absence... xxx (Jan 2015)

Kirsten Smith :

Damn it. That's very, very sad news. (Jan 2015)

Jennifer Allyson :

please come do some shows in Melbourne. Would love to arrange something here with you. Such sad news, ESP is an incredible place. Feel so blessed that Juilee Pryor introduced me to it and all the wonderful times we had there. x x (Jan 2015)

Marie McMillan :

Somehow I believe the fact that it can now become mobile and virtual will have very positive effects. Best of luck. (Jan 2015)

Roland Orepuk (France) :

I wish you great success (Feb 2014)

Il est toujours agréable d'être accueilli avec amitiés dans un autre pays que le sien. (2013)

Eva Mayha Davis (Guggenheim Gallery, New York, past-director at ESP) :

ESP was a vital and life changing time for me, everything I learned and enjoyed is a treasure! Miss you all, cheers! (Feb 2014)

Maren Smith (Eastside Radio) :

Iconic ! (Oct 2013)

Rob Williams :

I look forward to exhibiting again with ESP Gallery later in the year. (Mar 2013)

Juilee Pryor :

I rate you ESP, I rate your gallery & what you're doing. (Nov 2012)

Victor Kay :

ESP always has such a welcoming atmosphere. (Nov 2012)


Eddie Botha :

Thank you so much for the opportunity to show people my work. It's meant to be shared. (MCAP 2012)

Niki McDonald :

It is always such a pleasure to show my work with ESP (MCAP 2012)

Barbara & Kay Wulff :

Thanks for giving us our first break. (2 X Big Bad 2012)

Anonymous :

This red is better than what Customs House serve. (Head On Photography 2012)

Tony B. Conscious (USA) :

I'm lovin' this ESP gallery in Australia ! (Tony B Conscious from Los Angeles, 2012)

Niki McDonald :

It was a pleasure having work in your Love and Death exhibition. (LoveDeath 2012)

Clarissa Regan:

Great show, thanks very much ! Very very professional to deal with!  (LoveDeath 2012)

Manne Schulze :

Better organized than some of the commercial galleries. (LoveDeath 2012)

Sophie Verrecchia :

Thank you to the curators for hanging my sculpture so well ! Much appreciated ! (LoveDeath 2012)

Awol Monk aka Victoria Waghorn :

ESP Gallery are f***ing awesome !!! (MCAP 2011)

Elastic Sidewalk aka Ariel Antonio Riveras Pavez :

Ode to ESP Gallery (2011)

Careful, they keep ears to the ground
Open, to community artists
Loving, generosity in many ways
Orgiastic, senses intrigued -artfoodconversation-
Utopian, the finite washing machine is the abstract wishing machine
Real, Putting body and soul, intelligence, embraced by garden.