May's presents MISTERY

MAY LANE, ST PETERS (next to St.Peters Train Station)

Each month, MAY'S invites a street artist to paint a 3.5 x 2.5 metre panel space installed on May Lane, St. Peters. At the month’s close, the panels are taken down and replaced afresh for the next ‘chapter’ in the project. The MAY'S scenario differs from normal graffiti practice but, like all street work, is subject to ‘the elements’. Eventually, MAY'S will re-exhibit the panels together as a preserved account of the lane’s activity.

Sydney-based graffiti artist Mistery has been a practicing graffiti writer since 1983. Typical of his generation he was involved in all elements of early Hip-Hop; dance, graffiti, and music. Mistery's commitment to hip-hop and graffiti has been consistent since then.

"He was really behind the resurgence of breaking culture...He sets a really good example for young people ... leading by example... you can make something of yourself - you can be anything you want to be" - Maya Jupiter (ABC Compass, 2006) 


Fluid Connections

Opening:  Friday 21st August, 6-8pm [running 21/8 til 8/9]
Gallery: Kerrie Lowe Gallery, 49 King St, Newtown
What: Group show, featuring Geraldine Berkemeier, Willi Michalski, Dzidra Mitchel

Combinations Exhibition

Opening: Thursday 20th August, 6-8pm [running 20/8 til 17/9]

Gallery: Ivan Goodacre Studios: 62 Enmore Rd, Enmore

What: Group show, featuring Robert Beard, Jill Carter Hansen, Ivan Goodacre, Robyn Yeoman




MCAP 2009 - At The Vanishing Point


Now in it's 3rd year, the Marrickville Contemporary Art Prize is an annual event not to be missed (by artists and spectators). It assembles art from Marrickville and it's surrounds, and crams it in to ATVP for, what promises to be one of the best collections of art shown in Sydney in 2009. 

Artists: Deadline details below

Collectors: This is one for the diary. Affordable and truly contemporary. 



ESP Gallery Update


Here's the space we've been waiting so long for. We're expecting to receive the keys to the newest art space in Sydney within 2 weeks, from there it will be all hands on deck to spruce things up a little. The location is 228 Illawarra Rd (just north of Marrickville Rd).

Stay tuned for updates and artist info packs. 


It's not finished yet, but we couldn't wait!

We're so excited about our new art space that we couldn't wait for our website to be finished before we started telling everyone about it.

We are the Edith St Artists, a co-op from St Peters, Sydney, and ESProjects is our new venture. We're passionate artists and our aim is to promote art from the Innerwest. We are all volunteers and ESProjects is a not-for-profit organisation.

ESP Gallery is a small space opening in Marrickville in August 2009. If you're interested in having an exhibition email or come back soon for more information.

We'll also be running creative workshops on life drawing, mosaic and glass slumping and fusing. We may even do some school holiday classes for kids and a knitting club.

Stay tuned for details on opening night celebrations.

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