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Stirrup Gallery, 142 Addison Rd Marrickville NSW

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"Women Together : Conflict, Courage, and Hope"

ESP Gallery presents a photographic exhibition for refugee women, in conjunction with Australia for UNHCR, and hosted by Stirrup Gallery.

Featuring works by international award winning photographer Thomas Mukoya.

Proceeds go to Australia for UNHCR, to support refugees.

Special Guests :

* Sister Angélique Namaika, 2013 Nansen Refugee Award recipient
* Naomi Steer, National Director, Australia for UNHCR

There are currently 60 million displaced people across the world forced to flee their homes because of conflict, famine and war. The majority of the displaced are women and children. This exhibition, through the poignant photos of award-winning photographer Thomas Mukoya, shows life for refugee women as it is experienced in some of the major humanitarian emergencies across Africa.

Thomas Mukoya is a Photojournalist with the Thompson Reuters News Agency in East Africa. His awards include :

* 2003 - Kenyan Union of Journalists - Photojournalist of the Year
* 2010 - Photographers Giving Back award - Sweden
* 2013 - Media Council of Kenya - Photojournalist of the Year
* 2013 - Kenyan Photographers Association - Photographer of the Year

Thomas has worked extensively with various humanitarian organisations including Australia for UNHCR, UNICEF and Medicins San Frontieres.

Opening: Saturday 15 August,  4 pm - 6 pm

at Stirrup Gallery, Addison Road Community Centre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville

Exhibition: Wed 12th - Sun 23rd August, open Wed - Sun.

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Information:, Linda van der Torre on 02 9276 6877,



Past ESP shows ...


Final Fling

After 5 1/2 years of operation as a community not for profit art gallery, Marrickville Council is not renewing ESP Gallery's lease and so we must close.

While we will no longer have a physical gallery space, we do have plans for the future, including an online gallery and occasional ESP group shows around Sydney.

It's been a ball and the party isn't over, it's just going virtual !

To thank you, our dear ESP'ers, our friends and supporters, artists, art-lovers, & volunteers, we are having a final fling on Sunday 18 January. We will open all day from 11am for our garage sale and then at 4pm, we will party like it's 2009 way back when we first opened!

Garage Sale : Sun 18th January 11am - 4pm - lots of bargains, tools, chairs, plinths, mower, desk, etc.

Final Fling : Sun 18th January 4pm & onwards, come & meet the ESP team, who have shown over 300 local, national and international artists and held 75 exhibitions and events since 2009, including Marrickville Contemporary Art Prize 2011, 2012, Head On Festival 2010, 2012, Sydney Canvas Company Painting Prize 2013.

We are proud of what we have achieved with no government grants and our completely volunteer run organisation!

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"Walking my Camino" - Ann Theresa Gregory

Opening : Sat 6 DEC from 4pm - 6pm

Exhibition : from Thur 4 DEC until Sun 21 DEC

Opening Hours: Thur/Fri 3pm-6pm, Sat/Sun 11am-4pm

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ESP Gallery presents our final show for 2014 ...

Ann Theresa Gregory recently walked the last 100km of the famous Spanish pilgrimage known as St James Way, or the Camino to Santiago de Compostela.

She brings us her creative response in paintings and ceramics, depicting the scenes and symbols along her journey.

Hear Ann speak about her experiences at 5pm on opening night, with guest speaker: Lorraine Kypiotis, BFA Coordinator and Art History Lecturer, National Art School, Sydney






"Lifedrawing at Friend in Hand - 10th Anniversary"

Opening : Sat 22 NOV 4 - 6PM

Come celebrate 10 years of weekly life drawing sessions at The Friend In Hand Hotel @ Glebe at this exciting group show. 36 artists, 36 works. Curated by Geoffrey Goodes.

Exhibition runs to Sun 30 Nov 2014

Opening Hours: Thur/Fri 3pm-6pm, Sat/Sun 11am-4pm

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"Inner West Trading Co." - Adam Galea and Patrick O'Rourke

ESP Gallery presents two very talented local artists who have joined forces for  "The Inner West Trading Co." ....  A stunning exhibition by Adam Galea (sculptor) and Patrick O'Rourke (portraits).

From Sat 1 Nov to Sun 16 Nov.

Both artists have created and exhibited extensively in the Marrickville area and exemplify the varied and diverse range of artwork that is to be found within the local community.

While their work comes from two distinct backgrounds and continents, combined in one space, they’ll create an exciting exploration of similar themes such as adversity, human interaction, the mutability of memory, deterioration, loss, life and tactility.

Adam's small sculptures have received popular acclaim for some time, but this year his transition into larger works won him the Rockdale Sculpture Prize. ESP is honoured to show his prize-winning work in our sculpture garden and his smaller works inside.

Patrick's drawings are emotive vignettes of life condensed into monochrome images drawn with photorealism techniques, on found pieces of wood, or even discarded furniture. Patrick's works have been featured recently at Addison Rd markets with his depictions of refugees who settled in the Marrickville area long ago. He studied Fine Arts at Staffordshire Uni (UK) before moving to Australia, where he has taught art in Bathurst and in Marrickville.

Opening Night : Sat 1 Nov 4pm - 6pm

Exhibition : Sat 1 Nov to Sun 16 Nov

Opening Hours: Thur/Fri 3pm-6pm, Sat/Sun 11am-4pm

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Thomas Mukoya - Australia for UNHCR

Photographs by award-winning Kenyan photographer, Thomas Mukoya, will be on show at ESP Gallery Marrickville from  27 September, to 12 October. 

You are invited to attend a special exhibition launch from 4pm on 27 September, with National Director of Australia for UNHCR, Naomi Steer, presented by ESP Gallery Marrickville.

Thomas Mukoya, based in Nairobi, has worked with the Reuters News Agency since 2004, also working extensively with many humanitarian organisations, including Australia for UNHCR during this time.

Thomas will be sharing his dramatic images from some of Africa’s major emergency areas.

This very special photographic exhibition will reflect on the situation of refugees and displaced people, images from conflict zones and the humanitarian assistance provided by Australia for UNHCR and the generous support of Australian donors.

Thomas will be available for the duration of the launch for questions.

Opening Launch: 4pm to 6pm,  Saturday 27 September

Exhibition: Saturday 27 September to Sunday 12 October

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Proceeds go to Australia for UNHCR :


Tony B. Conscious popup show - opening Sat 5 July

Tony B. Conscious is a spray & stencil artist, rapper, poet, busker, and author, from Los Angeles. Inspired by Jean Michael Basquait, Tony uses aerosols and hand made stencils to make portraits of inspirational figures, musicians and rappers.

In 2012 he toured Australia and performed in Melbourne, Adelaide Arts Festival, & Byron Bay Bluesfest.

In Sydney, Tony performed live painting at ESP Gallery, and poetry & rap at The Blue Space.

ESP Gallery presents a popup show of Tony's paintings, T-shirts and books.

Opening night: Sat 5 July, 4pm - 6pm

Exhibition: Sat 5 July - Sun 6 July, 11am - 4pm

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"Into the Unknown" - solo show by Dean A. Smith

ESP Gallery presents "Into the Unknown" - Opening SAT 14 JUNE 4 - 6PM

Dean A. Smith creates an imaginative world where landscape merges into dream. Dean is a designer and inventor and after 6 years of painting he is now having his first solo exhibition.

Opening Night: Sat 14 June 4- 6pm
Exhibition from : 12 - 15 June 2014       *** NOW EXTENDED TO 22 June ***

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"Femmexhibition" - illustrative works by

Amaya Lang, Colin J. Thompson, Stephanie Ohlback, & Liza Kaplan


"Femmexhibition" shows the works of 4 emerging Sydney artists, who share an interest in the spaces between formal sexuality and gender identity : the old woman, no longer seen as a sexual being, the transgender woman confused and trapped between gender lines, and the mythological fantasy of women caught in film and graphic novels. The exhibition will be playful and subversive, R. Crumb meets John Waters, showing bold depictions of the sexuality of the "unsexy".

Exhibition from : Thurs 1st May to Sun 11th May

Opening night : Sat 3rd May from 4pm to 6pm

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"Oliver Miller" - solo show

First solo show by talented emerging artist Oliver Miller for Marrickville Open Studio Trail (MOST). Oliver has exhibited regularly since 2005 in group shows including Glebe Art Show and Adagio Art Gallery in Glebe. Oliver's work includes fascinating portraits inspired by Francis Bacon, atmospheric charcoal drawings of mystery and moonlight, and unique monotype prints.

Exhibition from 1st March to 9th March. Extended to 16th March.

Opening night - Sat 1st March.

Facebook event:

At 11 am on Sat 1st March, the Mystery Bus Tour arrives at ESP Gallery for MOST - an amazing day! See for a map of the MOST exhibition trail.



"Xmas Cracker" - ESP Fundraiser

"Xmas Cracker" is a group show to raise funds for ESP and for our artists. So come and celebrate Xmas with ESP and meet some local artists.

A great place to find that special Xmas gift, including jewellery, silk scarves, sculptures, ceramics, paintings, drawings, prints & photographs.

Featuring 32 artists : Carl Anderson, Danielle Bluff, Corinne Britain, Simon Clarke, Mo Craig, Cassandra Daw, Nicole Dixon, Steven Fasan, Adam Galea, Caryn Griffin, Jeffrey Hamilton, Vivien Johnson, Diamondo Koutselis, Kerry McAuley, Niki McDonald, Felicity Martin, Kelly Milton, Patrick O'Rourke, Penny Pomroy, Juilee Pryor, Christine Puth, Anke Stacker, Lou Steer, Angela Stretch, Angela Vercoe, Jude Williams, Elke Wolfhart, Barbara Wulff, Kay Wulff, Jacqueline Yetzotis, Nahomi Yoshizawa, Sairi Yoshizawa.

OPENING: Sat 14 Dec, 4pm - 6pm, featuring live music by The Ranch Hands, circus performance by Fliq Martin, plus raffle prizes.

EXHIBITION: 14 Dec - 22 Dec

White Ibis - "Flight to the City"

The White Ibis exhibition celebrates their Flight to the City. While generally regarded as a nuisance in the city, white ibises are actually endangered refugees from their inland wetlands, and have fled to the city following repeated droughts & habitat destruction. These graceful creatures that evolved long legs & beaks for striding & feeding in the wetlands have now adapted to a city life of parkland picnics and leisurely weekends by the riverside. 

Featuring works by Alex Avila, Simon Clarke, Will Coles, Cassandra Daw, Christopher Daw, Nicole Eggers, Mark Eliot, Brian Martin, Heather McMahon, Mobot, Juilee Pryor, Ebony Secombe, Lou Steer, and others.

Opening: Sat 12 OCT 4 - 6PM, Exhibition: 12 Oct to 27 Oct

ESP Directors Lou & Cassandra were interviewed on Eastside Radio ...

"Crossings" by Simon Clarke


"Scott Seaboldt Pop-Up Show"

Exhibition: Sat 24 Aug - Sun 25 Aug, 11am - 4pm

Opening : Sat 24 Aug, 4pm - 6pm

Showing the amazing paper sculpture of SCOTT SEABOLDT in a one-off pop up show. Scott is a visiting artist from New York. ESP is fortunate to show the result of his collaboration with local Marrickville women's shed & art groups.

Scott is Marrickville Council's 2013 artist in residence. He is co-founder of AS220 in Providence (Rhode Island), a curator of the biennial Ides of March exhibition at ABC No Rio in New York City, and a high school art teacher in New Rochelle, New York. See his website for more info ...

SHOW: 24 & 25 AUG ONLY 11AM - 4PM

"Shock and Awe"

This is a military term describing tactics to surprise and disturb the enemy.
What does it mean in art? Come and see our awesome artists, who will shock you with their stunning works, purely artistically of course.

Featuring works by Mark Elliott, Juilee Pryor, Niki McDonald, Manne Schulz, Barbara Wulff, Cassandra Daw, Nahomi Yoshizawa, Sairi Yoshizawa, Lou Steer, Carl Anderson, Maureen Craig, and Tony B. Conscious.

Exhibition: Saturday 8 June to Sunday 23 June 2013



Artists interpret dinosaurs through playing cards. Straight from Jurassic Lounge at the Australian Museum.

Exhibition: Saturday 2 March to Sunday 17 March 2013

Saturday 9 March - artist demonstrations + Matchbox Girls
Sunday 10 March - artist demonstrations + ArtCycle

"DinoWars" is an official event for ArtMonth, and for MOST.

ArtMonth celebrates Sydney's galleries for the month of March. See

Marrickville Open Studio Trail (MOST) celebrates artist studios & galleries in Marrickville all weekend of Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 March.


Make the most of MOST 2013 at ESP Gallery & party with ESP all weekend!

You will see our fab Art Month Exhibition, "Dino Wars",
PLUS Behind the Studio Door Demonstrations ...
Woodblock Printing (Cassandra Daw), Chinese Interpretative Ink (Jane Trethewey), Fabric Printing (Lou Steer) and Live Poetry Performance (Lou Steer and others).

PLUS The Matchbox Girls walking tour visits ESP on Saturday 9th at 1.15.

PLUS ArtCycle rolls into ESP on Sunday 10th

Ann Gregory & friends - "Are We Halfway There Yet ?"

31 Jan - 17 Feb

In January 2013, Ann Theresa Gregory reached her half century (not out).

Who is she, who are we, as we journey to an unknown destination?
This collection of diverse works from childhood to the present reveals lodestones along the way.
Ann Theresa Gregory  celebrates with her friends: 
Lyndal Campbell, Simon Marcus Clarke, Elizabeth Cowell, Amelia Daher, Calandra George, Peta Gischus, Michael Gregory, Teresa Krystyna Gregory, Rew Hanks, Cassandra Hard Lawrie, Elizabeth Harriott, Jean Hartman, Lyndsey Hatchwell, Robert Hynard, Tony McDonald, Lesley Nixon, Swe Nyo, Caterina Pacialeo, Zoe Rodriguez, Jenny Shaw, Philippa Shaw, Rona Sissons, Marie Townsend, Tori Wade, Julie Yip

Guest speaker: Elin Howe, Art History, Sydney Gallery School


Amber Reid  -  "Geometricks"

Rachael Hallinan -  "Above Shadowed Doorways"

15 Nov to 2 Dec 2012 - Opening Night 17 Nov 4pm to 6pm

Amber Reid's vibrant paintings reference Islamic mosaic designs. While adhering to the rigid rules of geometry, on closer inspection they express a sense of freedom through forms & patterns that suggest the possibility of infinite growth.

Rachael Hallinan's layered photographic works inhabit the shadow world between the public facade & the family reality and explore the weight of things unsaid & shames unshared.  Ambiguous layers of light, form and texture depict calmness & self-validation as much as isolation & loss.




Volunteer Exhibition - 20 Oct to 4 Nov 2012

ESP's Volunteer show is an annual tradition where we give credit to our team of volunteers with a free exhibition putting their talents under the spotlight. Our ESP volunteers are all talented artists themselves, most are studying at TAFE, COFA, NAS or similar, several doing Honours degrees. We are very lucky to have such a well-qualified team.

This exhibition features volunteers Swe Nyo, Sophie Metcalfe, Peter McGuinness, Carl Anderson, Marika Petrie, Olivia Gubala, Ann Gregory, Maureen Craig, and directors Lou Steer, Cassie Dawe, & Brian Martin. Also featuring works by Tony B. Conscious.


Aziz Ulas - Memorial Tribute - 6 to 14 Oct 2012

ESP celebrated the life and work of much loved Marrickville artist Aziz Ulas, with special guest artist Suede Fransisco, curated by artist, poet & radio presenter Angela Stretch.
Opening night featured spoken word performances in tribute by Angela Stretch and Lou Steer, both well known performance poets.
Aziz Ulas (1952 - 2012) was a local Marrickville artist, who lived only a few blocks from ESP Gallery.
He was born in Turkey, came to Australia as a young child, later studied at the National Art School, & at Alexander Mackie College in the 1970's. He live his life as an artist & had studios & exhibited in Sydney, Turkey, Berlin, and Wiesbaden.
Aziz invented a unique process using polymer resins & pigments & embedded objects to produce works that transcend both painting & sculpture, creating a vibrant new genre which he called "sculpicts", part sculpture, part picture. His works are stunningly beautiful & totally unique, and photos are a poor reflection of the quality of his techniques perfected over a lifetime. He revelled in the variations of raw materials and pigments, and the effects created, and he continued to perfect the medium that he had invented, until the end.
ESP presents this show at no charge, in tribute to his life & his works, with all proceeds going to his teenage son Joscha in Berlin.

Our special guest Suede Fransisco is an award winning Marrickville artist who works in resin in a very different way to Aziz. Suede held his successful solo exhibition, Masalai, in ESP Gallery in August 2012 and was also featured in MCAP2012 -  "The Rest of the Best"  at ESP Gallery.


MCAP 2012 + Sydney Canvas Company Prize - 8 Sep - 23 Sep 2012

ESP Gallery is co-hosting the Marrickville Contemporary Art Prize 2012, in conjunction with Chrissie Cotter Gallery and ATVP Gallery. After 6 years MCAP has grown so big it needs 3 galleries.

Sydney Canvas Company is sponsoring a prize of $400 worth of premium imported canvas, for the best painting on show at ESP during MCAP. The prize will be judged & awarded by Rowan Robertson, director of Sydney Canvas Company, and also an artist himself. The prize will be awarded on opening night at ESP.

ESP is showing 32 artists in all media - painting, sculpture, video, film, installations.

Artists :  Barbara Wulff, Peter McGuiness, Suede, Paola Talbert, Maggie Stein, Angela Butler, Anne-Laure Druais, Caryn Griffin, Catriona Secker, Eddie Botha, Elizabeth Rankin, Erin Keys, Frazer Bull-Clark & Kieran Gilfeather, Kassandra Bossell, Kate Deacock, Katherine Corcoran, Lisa Kotoulas, Melissa Harvey, Miriam Cabello, Niki McDonald, Patrick O'Rourke, Pennie Pomroy, Peter Strong, Rebecca Geddes, Sarah O'Connell, Tasman Miller, Teena McCarthy, Tom Eager, Yvonne Levenston, Ahmed Khalidi and Rua Hashlamoun.

"Masalai" - by Suede - 16 August -  2 September 2012

Suede's paintings,  in resin, varnish & enamel, show swirling and seductive organic forms describing his childhood night terrors in the deep undergrowth of the Papua New Guinea jungles.
Pursued by imagined spirits and the dreaded "Masalai".
Exhibition runs from Thursday 16 August - Sunday 2 September 2012
Opening night - Saturday 18 August - 4pm - 6pm


"2X BIG BAD / BIG BAD X2" - Barbara Wulff + Kay Wulff - 19 July - 5 August 2012

The 2  Big Bad Wulffs are mother and daughter artists! Their works are remarkably diverse ranging from bronze sculptures to seed pod installations and covering a diverse range of Yoga and Zen inspired paintings and drawings about the natural world.  Guest speaker:  Zen teacher Susan Murphy 
Barbara Wulff shows traditional Zen inspired ink and wash illustrations over bronze horses affected by grass-sickness and Hendra virus, colourful expressionist nudes and roofscapes, cast crystal ‘merfolk.’
Barbara  tends towards the figurative and is strongly influenced by German expressionism and a strong nostalgia for her original language and culture.  She attended Wendy Sharpe’s multiple model drawing marathons in the 1980’s, later moving to Melbourne to study Sculpture, In 1992, Barbara was a resident artist at the Paris studio of the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council in 1992. Her work explores scientific visualisation and motherhood as well as reflecting her wide employment experience as laboratory assistant, texture artist for animation and gaming as well as Visual Arts/Special Education teacher
Kay Wulff makes textural explorations of burnt out trees and enlarged and lovingly studied ceramic seedpods. Kay  studied at the National Art School (then East Sydney Tech College). Initially she  painted large abstracts inspired partly be Aboriginal Landscapes and partly by inner organic forms  motherly, vegetable and animal. The ovoid has been a strong theme and Easter egg decoration both a fun and intensely competitive time. Now in her early 70’s,  Kay Wulff  still relentlessly pursues new forms of art, including  studying Ceramics at Hornsby TAFE (one of only 3 Sydney TAFES specialising in ceramics). 
She documents the ever changing aspects of the Bush near her home and the microcosm and macrocosm are reflected almost as if from the viewpoint of a scribbly gum larva with its crazy doodlings that almost but not quite convey in writing what Nature has to tell us about slowing down and taking in. 
Susan Murphy is a well-known Buddhist teacher and Author of  ‘Upside Down Zen’ 2004 and a forthcoming book on ecology and species extinction called ‘The Whole World is Medicine’. Ever inspiring and fun and mischievous she provokes ever-deepening awareness of interconnectedness and the ground of being. Her voice may be heard in radio, drama workshops and cinema criticism as well as in academic and literary circles. 

"Seen Unseen" - Masters of Drawing - 21 June - 8 July 2012

The works focus on tone to create illusion and ambiguity. Through the use of tone and the interplay of the light and dark planes on the painted and drawn surface,  the artists create space in their work for both the seen and unseen.

Head On Photography - 24 May - 10 June 2012

Christopher Tovo, Innocenza Toritto, Matt Gordon Winch

Chris Tovo "Sleeping Giants" -  reveals the poetic amid the pragmatic, in a visual journey through the industrial streetscapes, set against the menacing backbone of Java's sleeping volcanoes. His intimate vision captures the utter dignity of slumber, enjoyed in the most makeshift and abject of environments. He leaves us asking who are the sleeping giants amongst us ?

Innocenza Toritto "Pulse" - everything in our lives passes so quickly, time, memories, moments. I believe them to be not only the small breaths we take, but also linked to our heartbeat and linked to the earth. I believe it could have a sound and definitely a pulse. We travel with it. Slow or fast, it doesn’t matter. The journey is individual and exclusive to all. Mine, yesterday was blue. Today, who knows.

Matt Gordon Winch  "Cry Wolf" - "SO WISE SO YOUNG, THEY SAY, DO NEVER LIVE LONG” W.S. Within this series lies the story of a young drifter. Missed by those who remember. Remembered by those who can’t forget. The evidence of a life.

Head On Photography - Nicola Bailey, Rachael Ireland, Marijke Loosjes - May 2012

3 photographers, 3 dramatically different viewpoints.

Nicola presents the poems of Candy Royalle projected onto the bodies of Sydney roller derby skaters, contrasting sensuality with physicality

Rachael explores the built environment in a dark dramatic landscape

Marijke shows bold images that challenge our senses

Tony B Conscious - the Ghetto Van-Go - April 2012

Featuring Tony B Conscious aka the "Ghetto Van-Go".


Tony is a spray painter & stencil artist, rapper, poet & busker, from Venice Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles, USA, touring Australia and appearing in Melbourne, Adelaide Arts Festival, Byron Bay Bluesfest, and exclusively at ESP as our featured artist for April 2012.

Tony B Conscious also performed spoken word, poetry & rap at The Blue Space, Petersham Bowling Club in association with ESP Gallery.

Selected T-shirts, books, paintings available by request.

"LoveDeath - Liebestod" - 25 Feb 2012 to 18 Mar 2012

Love and death are the two opposing forces in life. We long for love, we fear death. Our lives are lived between. What choice do we have? 

ESP GALLERY artists interpreted the themes of LOVE AND DEATH.

Featured : Lou Steer, Cassandra Daw, Anita Shirley, Clarissa Regan, Joy Bye, Patrick O'Rourke, Swe Nyo, Ari Zainal, Patrick Cremin, Cory Thomas, Jason Foote, Eddie Botha, Sara Sweet, Tyrone Jandey, Yang-En Hume, Nadia De Ceglie, Niki McDonald, Kirsten Smith, Anna Hien, Nahomi Yoshizawa, Sairi Yoshizawa and others.

"Extended" - 3 Dec 2011 to 18 Dec 2011

ESP's final show for 2011 featured the works of new director Robert Bayliss and long time director Chris McKendry, presenting paintings, sculptures & textile works of art.

Opening night featured an authentic Thai food stall where Rob's partner Pravit cooked up a storm, presenting food preparation as performance art.

"Celebration" - 12 Nov 2011 to 20 Nov 2011

ESP presents a group show by National Art School honours graduating students : Jenny Herbert Smith, Bui Ponchiangdee, Tienne Simons, Fiona Lannigan, Caroline Karlsson, Adam Galea

Ceramics, Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture, Mixed Media

"Volunteers" - 22 Oct 2011 to  Nov 2011


ESP Gallery is celebrating our awesome volunteers with the ESP Volunteers Exhibition.

This show is by & for our tireless volunteers, to show our appreciation of their work.