Proposals for exhibition

Are you an artist looking for a space to exhibit? We are now taking proposals. There are currently up to four rooms available and the space can be used as a solo exhibition (or multiple solo exhibitions - 3 max.) or you can propose a group exhibition. 

- There are a choice of a large or small spaces 
  (the smaller rooms are approx 3x4 meters, and are well suited for installation or AV exhibitions).
- We are one of the lowest cost-to-exhibit spaces in Sydney 
- The gallery is located at 228 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville (just north of Marrickville Rd). 

General Info about applying for a show

Click here to download the application package.

We are a not for profit, artist run initiative. The directors work on a voluntary basis. ESP is dedicated to showcasing the work of artists from the Inner West and greater Sydney. We aim to provide an inspiring, professional and affordable exhibition space in which artists can show their work. 

Exhibitions run for three weeks.
The cost of individual rooms are:

Front Room $200pw 3.5m x 6.5m
South Room $50pw 2.5m x 3.2m
North Room $75pw 3.2m x 3.7m
Back Room $100pw 3.2m x 4.2m
To hire the whole space is $400 per week.

Exhibiting artists are encouraged to mind the gallery for half the shifts
and ESP will aim to cover the other shifts using our team of volunteers.
Potential buyers love to meet the artists so it can lead to increased sales. 

For a small additional fee we can design your invitation–please ask for details

You can design your own invitations however they must be

A6 - postcard size
Display the ESP logo
Display the Marrickville Council logo
Display ESP address and web and email details
Display ESP opening hours
please ask for details if designing your own invitation 

We will distribute invitations(via media list, facebook and email list)
We will put on opening night event
We will supply and serve alcohol at the opening night event
We will help out with the install/bump out of your exhibition.
We have insurance for artworks up to $2000.

There is a 20% commission on all sales.

Please email all proposals with the words exhibition application in the subject line 
to submissions to: 

or post to esp attention:
The Directors ESP Gallery, 
228 Illawarra Rd 
Marrickville NSW 2204